Winners invite farmers to participate

The supreme winners of the Ballance Farm Environment Awards 2020 in the Northland region urge farmers to enter the competition.

Jeff Martin and Helen Linssen, Te Karoa Farms in Kaeo, tell farmers and growers about being part of an “incredible experience”.

Helen Linssen says their motivation for participating in the awards was to recognize the work being done behind the scenes in farming and to put their local community on the map.

“We had developed the property using 18 to 30 years of knowledge. It was a blank canvas, and we took care to sustain and consider the environmental footprint as we worked.

“We wanted to show the audience the engine room, the backstage! It was also like we were showing leadership in our community and spotlighting Kaeo.”

Helen encourages other companies to participate in the awards, even if they don’t think they are doing anything out of the ordinary.

“Most of the time people are already doing great things, they just don’t realize what they’re doing is great! Participating in these awards really made us realize how far what we were doing was getting us into the right place. direction. “

Robin Nitschke, passionate member of the committee and winner of several awards in 2018, also underlines the advantage for companies to have an independent judge who gives his opinion on your property.

“I knew it would be of great benefit to us, our company was evaluated from a fresh perspective.

“The report came in and we had missed some of the comments and made some improvements. It was really valuable that your operation was evaluated by independent people. growth.”

Registration is now open for the Northland Ballance Farm Environment Awards 2021.

All farmers and horticulturalists, including orchards, market gardeners and wine growers in the geographic area covered by the Northland Regional Council are eligible until October 15. The first round of judging takes place in November.

Farmers and producers can register online at or contact the regional coordinator Ellie Ball at This e-mail address is protected from spam. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 09 430 3109 ext. 6.

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