Where to invest my money?

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Faced with the collapse of world stock markets and the difficult economic situation that Spain is dragging in recent years, many investors wonder what to do with their savings. The instability of the stock market indices, the emerging crises and the fall of the barrel of oil are worrying the investors, who begin to look for alternatives to obtain profitability of their savings. To take the step of investing, it is necessary to analyze all the possibilities offered by the market and thus choose the best option.

Investment is risky

Investment is risky

Among the traditional methods of investing our savings there are paid accounts, deposits or monetary funds (for amounts less than 15,000 euros), as well as treasury bills or the stock market, where the investment is risky due to the dependence on the evolution of the market. For the investor these are options that either carry too much risk, or offer little profitability.

A model based on loans between individuals


However, times have changed and traditional investment paths have given way to new options that offer innovative methods to make our money profitable. One of the most innovative and profitable options for today’s investor is Crowdlending, a model based on loans between individuals, through platforms that allow investors to choose the projects in which they want to put their money.

They want to invest their savings

They want to invest their savings

Good Finance is a new online collaborative financing platform, based on this new financing and investment model, that puts people in need of financing with investors who seek to make their money profitable. The platform proposes an investment model in which people choose the project in which they want to invest their savings, depending on the risk they are willing to take . The platform also has its own coverage system that mitigates the risk of investments.

Given the global economic situation and short-term uncertainties, the best way to invest is to diversify the investment based on the risk of each project, so that the saver can set his objectives and choose well the projects in which he puts his money. This way you will avoid the quick decisions that can lead you to make wrong decisions and, in the long run, you will get a higher return on your savings.

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