Proud to be a Farmer: Chad Hendrix

TATTNALL COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC) – A third-generation Tattnall County farmer says this could be the toughest year on the books.

From the cost of fuel to the challenge of getting parts, Chad Hendrix says it’s been an unprecedented year.

Roll by a field as Chad Hendrix and his family plant peanuts and it looks like a Nascar pit crew.

They load the seeds into the hoppers to plant row after row. But farming is certainly different from his early memories in the field.

“Four or five years old, driving a tractor for dad and grandpa picking tobacco, yes sir,” said farmer Chad Hendrix.

Each pass this season serves multiple purposes, he plants and applies herbicide, fungicide and a bit of fertilizer too.

He says this year is harder and more expensive than ever.

“I can say it in one word. The cost of inputs has skyrocketed. From seeds, fertilizers, chemicals to fuel,” Hendrix said.

The family grows a range of row crops year-round, raises chickens, cows and runs an off-season trucking business.

He says diversity and faith remain key.

“When you put that much money in the ground, if you don’t have faith, it will drive you crazy,” Hendrix said.

Her son is already helping her. He hopes the next generation can continue what they are doing.

“I joked about it, but there’s nothing else I would do. It’s in my blood and there’s nothing I can do about it,” Hendrix said.

The satisfaction of working for himself and overcoming obstacles every year makes Chad Hendrix proud to be a farmer.

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