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Nurserymen, landscapers, lawn care and landscape professionals gathered in Greensboro last month for a week of horticultural education and plant material displays. The Green N Grown’ Show is a showcase for landscape industry players providing the opportunity to share their products and ideas. It’s also a chance for the public to take a peek at what’s trending in the landscape industry, much like a plant materials fashion show for 2022.

It has been a difficult year for all retail businesses, including the landscape and garden industry. Seeds, plastic containers and plant materials are in short supply due to the ongoing pandemic. However, growers and nurseries are optimistic and continue to produce beautiful plant materials and supplies for 2022.

Exhibits featured everything from bedding plants to four-inch thick balls and burlap shade trees. There were also a number of growers promoting seedlings and bare root trees and shrubs.

Landscape plants with unusual leaf shapes, colors, fruits, flowers, and bark continue to be an attractive part of landscaping efforts. Contractors also appreciate the use of strong plant materials; plants that can withstand drought, poor growing conditions and pests. Ornamental grasses are examples of hardy plants that can withstand long periods of drought. Reduced pesticide use is a benefit homeowners and maintenance contractors are looking for in new disease- and insect-resistant plant materials.

Ornate planters and containers of all shapes and sizes give sidewalks, decks and patios a splash of color adding interest to often rather drab outdoor landscapes. Annuals and perennials add a full season of color outside and inside the home. Large planters were presented with a wide range of flowering and colorful foliage plants.

Some exciting new products included perforated reusable plastic pots designed to increase fibrous root production from potted plants. The pots have serrated sides allowing for root expansion to help increase plant growth and survivability. Another interesting product was a mulching product called Tree Diaper. A ring made from layers is formatted for plantings and placed around newly planted trees and shrubs. The layers absorb irrigation water and rainfall, then slowly release the collected water back into the soil, providing consistent moisture for improved plant growth and development. Brightly colored flowers, annuals and perennials are always a popular exhibit at the show. Over the next few months, check local nurseries and garden centers for new materials. You might be surprised at the range of selections.


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