New Dedicated Rail Line for US$1 Billion Steel Plant Project

A A new dedicated railway line will be established to connect the US$1 billion stainless steel plant in Mvuma to a new port in Mozambique to deliver exports on time and in quantity.

The company invites investors to join this, as well as to rehabilitate and modernize existing rail networks.

The proposed investment will also boost bulk rail traffic between Mozambique and Zimbabwe, which will open up more opportunities for mining and manufacturing, as well as help the tourism sector and unlock many job opportunities. downstream.

Deputy Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development Mike Madiro gave details of the potential investment in Dubai on Sunday, where a Zimbabwean delegation from the tourism and transport sectors held a two-day dialogue with potential investors and the diaspora community.

Leading Chinese steelmaker Tsingshan Holding Group is constructing the giant iron ore and carbon steel plant after the completion of preliminary earthworks and electrical connection to the project site in the Manhize region.


The project is expected to enable Zimbabwe to house the largest steel mill in Southern Africa, if not the entire continent, and create up to 6,000 jobs.

“This is a multi-million dollar investment in stainless steel and because of the friendly business environment created under President Mnangagwa’s vision, Tsingshan has found this business worth establishing in the country. Zimbabwe,” Deputy Minister Madiro said.

“They are proceeding with the construction of a dedicated railway line to Indian Ocean ports in Mozambique. They are going to develop a new railway project towards Mozambique where they are going to develop a new port.

With much of the preliminary work already done, Tsingshan moved to the Mvuma site with the construction of administrative offices nearing completion and access roads constructed to improve connectivity.

Although the construction of the kilns is still in its infancy, the investor has already set up a cement factory.

Deputy Minister Madiro said the proposed railway would open wider trade routes downstream and urged Middle Eastern investors who attended the tourism and infrastructure conference to join us.

“So you can imagine the prospects for tourism growth given the additional rail link between Zimbabwe and Mozambique and we say it’s an exciting time for investors to come to Zimbabwe.

“It will expand the opportunities in terms of synergies, which makes a lot of business sense.

“I am delighted that this project is having a positive impact on Manicaland through job creation and the provision of social services and recreational facilities in areas like Nyanga, Vumba and Chimanimani, which will improve the sources of income,” he said.

The Mvuma Steel Project would see Zimbabwe become a key steel supplier in the export market in addition to meeting its own domestic needs, thereby reducing imports.

Deputy Minister Madiro said that in addition to the proposed railway project, the country also wants investment partnerships for the rehabilitation of all of its railway infrastructure, including new public transport projects, which further modernize the country’s economy.

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