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Once you understand your connection to your land, ecological balance becomes easy. With the high cost of fertilizers right now, this might be a practice some farmers might start exploring. Avoiding chemicals while considering biological organisms (from soil to animal), critical crop rotations, importance of cover crops, animal manures, lunar cycles, how your own natural pesticides, and more, America’s farmland can regain its vigor once again for humans and animals alike.

It’s work. But, oh so gratifying!

Did you know some of the biggest names in biodynamic viticulture? Most European wineries do. Château Margaux is a leading vineyard. It is an age-old tradition in which they still revel. The United States has a handful that date back to ancient practices. Benzinger is one. Biodynamics is easy for vineyards to switch to as many are already organic.

But it now turns in another direction: Scotch.

Last fall I was reading an article about futures being published and came across The Biodynamic Project from Bruichladdich Distillery. This piqued my curiosity as I had never heard of a biodynamic Scotch whisky.

It really is a big deal, more so than wine would be. The reason behind this is that whiskey goes through a process of distillation. Distillation stops any further maturation of organic matter as it is stripped and therefore whiskey, vodka, rum etc. can no longer mature after the bottling process as wine continues to do.

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