Good Catch trolls the subway with vegan tuna sandwich food trucks

Today, vegan seafood brand Good Catch Foods distributes fish-free vegan subs from a van parked outside select Subway locations in New York, NY, Austin, TX and London, England. . The van is equipped with a “OurWay” logo, a reference to Subway’s long-standing “Have it your way” slogan, which designates fishless tuna as the future of seafood. the van will offer passers-by free one-foot, “no-catch” vegan tuna sandwiches and no bycatch – a term that describes marine animals such as dolphins that are inadvertently caught by commercial fishing.

Inspired by the popularity of the recent documentary Seaspiracy, Good Catch hosted the event to raise awareness of the urgent need to move away from commercial fishing, which is expected to lead to the collapse of all marine life populations by 2050. The one-day event aims to shed light on the fact that tuna is heavily overfished and encourages Subway to ditch fish for plant-based alternatives, while giving Subway customers a taste of a truly sustainable fish-free alternative.

“Our mission is to make plant-based seafood that is good for the sea and for all the life that lives there. Large-scale commercial fishing is one of the most destructive activities in our oceans, ”said Chad Sarno, Co-Founder and Culinary Director of Good Catch. “We can do better. We’re here to provide tasty seafood alternatives with no bycatch, mercury, or environmental damage.

The event is part of a larger social media campaign calling on Subway to give up fish for good. To participate in the campaign, Good Catch is encouraging ocean lovers to create their own fish-free subs and post a photo on social media with an @subway tag to entice them to go #FishFreeForGood.


Is Subway Tuna Fish Free?

A lawsuit filed against Subway by two customers earlier this year alleged that the sandwich chain’s tuna did not contain fish. The lawsuits sparked a New York Times investigation that looked at the composition of Subway tuna. Laboratory analysis of the DNA of the meat yielded inconclusive results, which made headlines that Subway’s tuna was fish-free.

Subway CEO John Chidsey has since responded by saying the chain serves “100% real tuna” and explained that the DNA of fish is denatured during the cooking process. The chain recently underwent an overhaul of the “Eat Fresh Refresh” menu, making what it said were improvements to a variety of menu items and ingredients such as proteins and breads. However, Chidsey said Subway was “proud” of his tuna and left him alone.

Whether Subway’s tuna is real fish or not is up for debate, but Good Catch is hoping Subway will take this opportunity to really refresh their menus by moving away from seafood and embracing alternatives instead. herbal.


“With Subway news hitting headlines around the world, now is a great time to let people know that there is a better way to enjoy the taste and experience of delicious seafood without [harming] our oceans, ”said Sarno. “We want to encourage Subway and other companies to add fish-free options for the benefit of all.”

Make vegan seafood without taking

Chef brothers Chad and Derek Sarno founded Good Catch with the mission of creating a new wave of seafood, based on a blend of six pulses. The brothers launched their first product line in 2019, a vegan version of tuna pouches in three flavors: Mediterranean flavors, naked in water, and oil and herbs. The brand has since expanded its offering to include vegan crab cakes, fish cakes, fish burgers and breaded fish fillets.

Since its launch, Good Catch has raised around $ 50 million in private equity through its parent company Gathered Foods and is backed by famous investors such as Paris Hilton, Lance Bass and Woody Harrelson. Last year, the vegan seafood brand partnered with Bumble Bee Foods, marking the first time that a major seafood brand has partnered with a vegan company. The partnership will allow Good Catch to leverage Bumble Bee’s sales, distribution and logistics expertise to make its vegan seafood accessible to a wide range of customers at affordable prices.

Our guide to ordering vegan sandwiches from Subway can be found here.

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