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TYNGSBORO (CBS) – For 34 years, people have come to Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro to participate in a New England tradition: apple picking.

“Apple season in New England is one of the biggest family things I think you can do,” said Ellen Parlee, who owns the farm with her husband Mark.

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This year there are even more reasons to be excited.

“Right now, things are really falling into place when it comes to apple season. The apples are a good size, the flavors phenomenal, the quantity is terrific, ”said Ellen.

“You know, this is the best harvest we’ve ever had,” said Mark.

Apples at Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro (WBZ-TV)

This despite a growing season when farmers in the region have faced extreme heat and excessive rains.

Russell Steven Powell is the executive director of the New England Apple Association. He said: “While many farmers who have field crops have seen their harvest decrease, in the case of apples, the trees are able to absorb much more water.”

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“They kind of suck up all the moisture and get bigger and more rushed, so we’re excited about the apple harvest this year,” added Mark.

On top of that, compared to last year, it’s easier to accommodate large crowds with relaxed COVID restrictions on farms and orchards.

“Last year we had restrictions, people had to make reservations to go to the orchards in some cases. We don’t find that this year, ”said Powell.

“On a certain fall weekend we can see five to six thousand people a day. So yes apple picking is popular, ”said Mark.

Like most farms in the area, the apple picking season at Parlee Farms will run until the end of October, and they say as long as the weather permits, especially on weekends, it has it all. one of their best years to date.

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