Evening Edition | Friday, May 20, 2022

In tonight’s edition, learn about farmland values, drought conditions in the Corn Belt and John Deere’s deal to sell a revolutionary baler.

Farmland values

A report from the Federal Reserve this week said: “Consistent with the previous quarter, the value of rainfed cropland increased more than 20% from a year ago in agricultural-intensive Federal Reserve districts. .”

The report, based on surveys of farm bankers, said the increases were particularly large in Kanas, Iowa and three Rocky Mountain states. Land values ​​jumped 29% in Kansas, 28% in Iowa and 32% in Colorado, Wyoming and northern New Mexico.

Drought conditions and planting progress

Editor Madelyn Ostendorf reports on rainfall and good days for fieldwork in the Corn Belt.

In particular, in South Dakota, drought conditions have intensified over the past week. Five central counties in the state are experiencing extreme conditions, representing 4% of the state. Eleven central counties and 12 in the southeast corner reported severe conditions, or 19% of South Dakota. Overall, 73% are abnormally dry or worse.

New press design

Editor Alex Gray reports on John Deere’s deal with Twin Pak owners Mike and Jason Grady to sell their revolutionary baler design.

While John Deere already has a fairly robust selection of balers in its lineup, the Grady Twin Pak will complement its existing lineup.

The Twin Pak is a three-string baler with patented technology that allows it to wrap up to two square bales of hay at the same time. It can wrap bales from 90 to 120 pounds, filling a gap in Deere’s current baler offering.

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