Downtown Farmers Market Celebrates Farm to School Month with WFISD

WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – October is Farm to School Month at ISD cafeterias in Wichita Falls. This month is dedicated to celebrating the use of fresh, local produce in school menus.

Throughout the year, WFISD partners with local farms to source products. For any additional products or items that we cannot obtain locally, WFISD tries to source from farms in Texas.

It is important for the administrators of WFISD to provide tasty, fresh and nutritious food for the students. Sourcing local ingredients is one of the main ways of doing this.

Products grown close to home are preferred for many reasons – they tend to be fresher and tastier. It usually contains more nutrients. In addition, purchasing local foods supports local families and the local economy. It is also better for the environment as the extensive shipping methods which cause pollution are avoided.

These are key points that WFISD is highlighting for students in October. Instilling these values ​​early on is so important, and will benefit students, and the community at large, for many years to come.

To kick off Farm to School month, WFISD will be hosting a discovery cooking class at the downtown Wichita Falls Farmers Market on October 2 for participants ages 3 to 12.

There will be two 15-minute sessions, one at 11 am and another at 11:30 am Participants will discover the benefits of berries and prepare a blueberry parfait with Executive Chef Carrie Richardson.

The WFISD Food Truck will also serve cafeteria classics with a twist from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

From farm to school is the theme of the Saturday October 2 market.

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