Climate Activists Arrested Protesting Links Between Oil And Factory Farming

Four activists were arrested outside government offices as they highlighted the links between oil and industrial agriculture.

Members of the Scrap Factory Farming campaign and the direct action organization Animal Rebellion, part of Extinction Rebellion, were demonstrating outside the headquarters of the government Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra ).

It happened on the day Just Stop Oil protesters stopped an oil tanker near the M4 in west London, causing traffic chaos.

These activists were arrested after the police blocked the road.

At the Defra building near Westminster in central London, props resembling oil drums were placed outside, leaking what campaigners said was a petroleum-based plant substance.

Protesters, who claim large amounts of harmful oil are used in intensive animal agriculture, have created cow and chicken hoof prints in the liquid on the pavement.

They held signs with slogans saying “Defund Oil. scrap from industrial agriculture”.

Spokesman Robert Gordon said: “Industrial agriculture is fueled by oil. A huge amount of land and oil-based fertilizers are used to grow crops, such as soybeans and grains, for animal feed for animals cruelly kept in sheds.

“Farming in this way is incredibly oil-intensive and inefficient, contributing to climate and ecological crises that threaten our collective future.”

Feed prices have risen 70% in a year, he said, due to rising fuel prices.

“This shows that animal agriculture is unsustainable for farmers, as well as the planet, due to their reliance on unpredictable, expensive and environmentally damaging fossil fuel supplies.

“We are targeting Defra today because they have a moral responsibility to support farmers in a just transition to a sustainable plant-based food system for farmer livelihoods and the lives of us all.”

The Scrap Factory Farming campaign is fighting in court for a judicial review of factory farming, saying it risks causing more pandemics, antibiotic resistance and air pollution.

The Independent asked Defra for comment.

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