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The Holtville area has been represented for about 11 years by Ray Castillo, who took over as District 5 Supervisor in 2011. But this election he faces formidable competition from farmer John Hawk and accountant /real estate consultant Carlos Zaragoza. While Hawk is a political newcomer, he’s well known in the community and should get plenty of votes just for his name. Zaragoza will also prove competitive; although he was never elected, he participated in hard-fought election campaigns over the years.

Raymond R. Castillo

Age: 74

Town of residence: Holtville

Family: Married to my wife, Gloria, for 54 years, I have four grown daughters and one grown son. I also have 17 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Ray Castillo

Current job: Retired; prior to seeking elected office, I was employed for 34 years in various law enforcement agencies, Holtville Police Department, Imperial County PO III Probation Department; United States Customs Service and finally as California Department of Corrections working various assignments in corrections including, Parole Officer I, Parole Officer II, Correctional Counselor I, Community Resource Manager, parole office supervisor

Political experience: Currently serving as Imperial County Supervisor for District 5. Has served since January 2011. Has been re-elected twice, now seeking a fourth term on the Board of Supervisors; elected to El Centro City Council November 2001, appointed Mayor 2003-2004, City Council term ended November 2005

Other Board Affiliations/Memberships/Positions: Appointed to the Planning Commission of the City of El Centro, 1995-2001; Life Member, Fraternal Order of Eagles; life member, El Centro Los Vigilantes; life member, Knights of Columbus.

Education: 1973, AA degree, Imperial Valley College; 1977, BS, San Diego State University

Reasons to run and main problems: Not provided

Jean Faucon

Age: 72

Town of residence: Holtville

Family: Married, Susie Hawk; five children, 13 grandchildren

Jean Faucon

Current job: Self-employed at Horizon Farms in Holtville (agribusiness); worked in agriculture for 48 years

Political experience: Holtville Unified School District board member, age 13

Other Board Affiliations/Memberships/Positions: board member of the Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers Association, 20; Member and Board Member, Trinity Baptist Church

Education: Bachelor of Science in Agronomy, Cal Poly Pomona

Reasons to run and main problems: I’ve run my business for over 40 years, and with new ideas and innovation, we could make our county work as it should. Our roads and bridges are in disarray. Our communities, our businesses and our families need safe and reliable roads and infrastructure.

We need sustainable jobs, not corporate solar farms that kill our local jobs. Together we can lead on lithium in the Salton Sea to create sustainable, well-paying jobs.

I would like to see our county work hand in hand with the IID to solve the problems within our county, repair our bridges with the cooperation of both sides. When we can work together, everyone, especially the taxpayer, will win. Our roads and bridges are used by IID, County, Fire, Sheriff, Border Patrol and all of us. It is a victory for all of us. I would appreciate your vote, John Hawk.

Carlos Zaragoza

Age: 73

Town of residence: Holtville

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Family: Married, to Alicia Carrera Zaragoza; together we raised our own children and were adoptive parents to over 16 others (over a 20 year period).

Carlos Zaragoza

Current job: Accountant/Real estate consultant

Employment history : Worked as director of an international product import/export company; terminal manager/sales manager of a large freight company; auditor/appraiser in the Imperial County Assessor’s Office and at the same time taught accountancy at a private business school; worked for over 20 years with the California State Board of Equalization as a senior auditor/evaluator of multi-million dollar utility companies; formulated and taught “The Auditing of Public Services” and taught the course at the University of Utah to certify auditors/evaluators to perform multi-state audits.

Political experience: Nothing

Other Board Affiliations/Memberships/Positions: Member of St. Francis Home for Children; former treasurer of the Imperial County Foster Parents Association; past president of Kiwanis Early Risers; current commander of American Legion Post 138; member of the board of directors of TREES, a philanthropic organization, and member of the NAACP, because we are all people of color.

Education: Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Cal Poly, Pomona, graduated with honors.

Reasons to run and main problems: I show up to serve and benefit the people of Imperial County. I served as an adoptive parent working to improve the lives of children; to give them a chance. My wife and I adopted two foster children. I continue to improve the lives of children through leadership and fundraising for the Kiwanis club. I am a United States Army veteran who served his country and I am a strong advocate for veterans through my participation in the American Legion. I do what it takes and I get things done.

I have extensive experience in business management and organization and will focus on EFFICIENCY. Streamlining and improving operations will get the money to our county. First responders are underpaid and understaffed; bridges are crumbling and unsafe and roads are in poor condition. We have to find the money to fix them.

Our departments must be adequately staffed, upgraded and compensated. Geothermal and lithium mining will create an influx of building permits, which in turn will create an influx of property tax assessments. Money will not flow and will not flow until the documents are processed.

Let’s fix what’s broken and work together to meet the needs and best interests of our community!

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