Monthly Archives: August 2021

Madera County sees agricultural income decline in 2020

Pistachio acreage increased significantly – from 41,800 acres to 47,600 acres – for a $ 90 million year-over-year increase in 2020 in Madera County. Photo file published on August 31, 2021 – 3:04 PMWritten by Edward Smith Madera County reports an overall loss in farm income for 2020. Madera County …

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The “hedonistic altruism” of plant-based meat

Not everyone is convinced that plant-based burgers are healthy. I mentioned the Beyond burgers the other day and someone started talking about all the chemicals. If you had to list the chemical makeup of organic Kobe beef, that would be a really long list of really long and complicated words …

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Help prevent agricultural accidents | News, Sports, Jobs

Recently a headline caught my eye. The words were screaming from the page, “Three Ohio brothers die after being trapped in manure pits” (NYPost). I can’t exactly describe the emotions that hit me. My guts tightened, my breathing stopped and I felt my heart race. My brain kept repeating the …

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