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Finding a business that is right for you is the first step to a happy career. Here are some of the reasons to choose Scottish Sea Farms.

1 This is the opportunity to have a positive impact.
With an estimated global population of 9.7 billion by 2050, the race is on to produce enough food so that no one goes hungry. Farmland is already under pressure, as are wild fish stocks, which is why more and more people are turning to farmed fish as a solution. One of the country’s leading salmon farmers, Scottish Sea Farms provided the equivalent of 98.7 million meals in 2020 – with a growing team, we hope to provide even more.

2 Sustainability is the key.
Like many food producers, we strive to minimize any impact of our activities on the environment: from reducing the use of polystyrene and recycling fish waste, to experimenting with greener energies and to the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles at each of our continental hubs. .

3 There are more careers than you might think.
You think salmon farming is just, well, farming? Think again. There are over 50 different roles within Scottish Sea Farms, in 15 departments. Everything from environment, engineering and IT to quality control, processing, sales and procurement.

4 There are different routes to enter the business.
Perhaps you are a school leaver with no previous salmon farming experience. Or maybe you graduated with a relevant degree, masters or doctorate. We welcome applicants of all ages and from all stages of life, including those who wish to change industries or return to work after a career break.

5 We’ll help you learn and grow.
Landing the job is just the start of your professional journey with Scottish Sea Farms. You will find many opportunities to learn, develop and thrive: from on-the-job training, online courses and modern apprenticeships, to one-on-one coaching or one-on-one support for those moving into a supervisory role.

6 There are many possibilities to go further.
Big ambitions to one day become a senior manager? There are several programs that could help you achieve this, including our own Academy of Internal Management and various programs run by our partners, the Sustainable Aquaculture Innovation Center.

7 We are an increasingly diverse team.
We want to attract – and retain – the best people for the job. That’s why we set up our Youth Council to help ensure that one-third of our workforce aged 28 and under has their voices heard when it comes to what could and should look like. the Scottish sea farms of the future.

8 Our policies are more family friendly.
Do you think you would like to start a family one day? Next, maternity and paternity allowances deserve to be taken into account when comparing employers. Scottish Sea Farms offers enhanced packages for working parents with one or more years of service, helping to make life a little easier.

9 We care about your well-being.
Whether it’s a work-cycle program, a discounted gym membership and the My Healthy Advantage app, or a meeting with our company nurse, you have access to all of this and more, thanks to our employee health and wellness benefits program.

We don’t just say it, we mean it.
Our continued investment in employment, training and employee well-being was recently accredited with three prestigious Investors in People Awards. Regarded as the global benchmark in human resource management, rewards are your guarantee that when we say we invest in our people, we mean it.

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